Mat's Portfolio project


My name is Mat and I'm an IT Guy
I like technology and fixing things.
Preferably while using some tech to do that :)


Please consider this page a learning and showcase project. It will both link some things I’m proud off, some projects people can find usefull and also stuff I have to share to be motivated to continue working on it.

  1. 3 to 5 of my most interesting GitHub repositories will be here.
  2. Some GitPages pages with markdown ( this one ) html and css ( TODO )
  3. Some “website alternatives” showcase
  4. Some actual external websites with other initiatives

Github Projects

Have I Been PWNED - Offline checker

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Python 3.* script to create Google calendar events for Anniversaries and Birthdays based on PeopleHR employee data.

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Apps Script

Small one-file API scripts on Google’s Apps Script

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Other fun things I do

You can find me at:

and probably in some other places too